3 Git Productivity Hacks

Most Ruby developers use Git for their version control system of choice. Git is a wonderful tool that can save you countless hours of lost productivity and makes collaborating with others a cinch. Git’s distributed nature also allows devs to work anywhere with or without an internet connection without fear of losing work. With all of the power that Git provides also comes some complexity. Newcomers to Git may find it’s syntax somewhat unintuitive and clunky at first. »

Are Standups The Answer?

Standup! - Ludicrous{:target=”_blank”} As a software engineer working during the ‘Agile Renaissance’, you’ve no doubt participated in or at least heard about the practice of standups. For the uninitiated, standups are a simple practice in which developers and stakeholders get together on a regular, usually daily, basis to report on their individual statuses. Each team member gets a small sliver of time to report three things: What did you do yesterday What do you plan to do today What, if anything, is blocking your progress The idea is that this practice helps improve team communication, gives stakeholders an up to date progress report on how the project is going and can also spark offline discussions on better ways to do something or help prevent duplication of effort. »