3 Git Productivity Hacks

Most Ruby developers use Git for their version control system of choice. Git is a wonderful tool that can save you countless hours of lost productivity and makes collaborating with others a cinch. Git’s distributed nature also allows devs to work anywhere with or without an internet connection without fear of losing work. With all of the power that Git provides also comes some complexity. Newcomers to Git may find it’s syntax somewhat unintuitive and clunky at first. »

Prevent Pushing Remote Git Branches Using Git Hooks

While you usually don’t want to block your team from pushing anything to your shared repo, there are some times that this may be necessary. For example, if you need to enact a ‘commit moratorium’ to ensure that your automated build/deploy system is not activated while you hunt down a production issue. Yes, this could be avoiding depending on your team’s git workflow, however it’s nice to know you can lock down a branch if you need to. »